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I Johnson Major believe that love will set us free through understanding and following happiness and learning to evade the past and the setbacks. Living life simply, I Johnson extend My gratitude to MY wife and children who are the reasons behind My passions and successful mission in life.

Authors Message_____________________________________________

 ‘I’ As Many People who have Indulged in Some form of Neglect, Abuse, Resulting in Long Term Symptoms, Disorientating thoughts due to Scars implanted, from Uncalled for Acts of Carelessness.

We Sooner or Later Have to realize, that We ‘Alone’ are whats of Importance in Life. No matter How much of a Failure, we were forced to believe we were, or how incompetent we were made to feel of Ourselves, with all that Pain Inflicted upon us; Only means One thing; We are Not the Ones who had the Problem, though Became the Problem, from another’s Failing point, they Feared with selfish, Jealous, Acts of Hate within, who only Ever wanted the Spotlight all to themselves; (not To Share togetherness as a Team, but as an opponent) – Competition.!

Inexperienced, they Are, We Shine Naturally, with Purity, Speaking our Minds, Sharing our thoughts, teaching our Findings(Talents), with others without a worry of what’s to become of it, as Hurting others is not our Intentions, ‘nor’ had it crossed our minds.

So, I’v Shared myself to all my Surroundings, and Can Share myself Some More, Because the Head on my Shoulders, has a Mind of it’s own, which functions with Creative Motive; I have allot to offer; Though, this is the Moment i will focus on Painting Pictures with my Stories, Entertaining and Educating my Audience, Everybody is welcomed on my journey..

I am also eager to learn from Yours, ‘whoever you may be’, you are my family, but to remember one important Factor..,